What an amazing time we live in!  First the Greeks vote ‘out’ and get overruled, then the Brits and now the Americans vote against the establishment and this time they can’t do anything about it.    Not for the first time in history, the masses start to mobilise.  Perhaps sooner than normal as we have democracy, a vote, to express an opinion.  What is certain, however, is that if things don’t change in the way the world is governed then we will see an escalation of action.  What is clear though is that a war has begun between the loss of morality for money, and the ordinary person who wants to live in peace and comfortably, safe in the knowledge that no one is pulling their strings and that excess is managed and distributed to those who may not be able to achieve the same.

Watch this space as I give my own swing on what is happening, why, with a healthy dose of speculation.