With liberals in panic about the second coming of Hitler, one has to reflect if they may be justified in their fears.  Personally I don’t see nationalism as anything more than a conservative ideal that was perfectly acceptable 30 years ago.   Somehow the Globalists have done a good job of utilising the Liberal sensibilities to erode the concept of national boundaries.   Where the nationalism becomes fascist is when there is a focus on hate towards a social group or groups and persecution towards that group becomes violent – the desire to control immigration doesn’t fall into that category. What is happening however, is that fascist groups are now politically supporting the centre right politics because they have become otherwise isolated on the political scene.

Fascist politics also has the obligatory private militia to carry out their ‘dirty work’.   I’m not aware that any of the political parties sitting on the right have private militias or have any intention of subverting the democratic process.  We have a world now where the establishment that has it’s private militia in the form of corporations pursuing an agenda of increasing their profit line at any cost.  We may not have seen this militia on the ground before, but in recent days we certainly have with the riots in Portland, where an activist group instigating it has been funded by Soros who is also a major donor to the Clinton campaign.    That said, one could say that with the far right groups now supporting conservatives, that they will become the militia should things not remain on a democratic footing.

The question is now, how far will the globalists go to protect a corrupted establishment?  I suspect that in the coming year we will see.  Now that MPs in the UK parliament will vote on Brexit, if they follow the popular vote the corporations may start funding riots, if they don’t the extreme right will feel justified in taking action on behalf of the more liberal conservatives, who under the circumstances, whilst not violent in their views or likely to act that way themselves, may not complain that someone is in the interests of democracy.

Ultimately I think we no longer live in the world of left and right politics but where there is a movement towards globalism which serves to benefit the 1% and enslave the rest, and those that are now voting against it.   If the contest is won with out blood shed then humanity prevails.  However, there are enough psychopaths driving the global agenda that, I believe, means this will get bloody before it is over.