Is it just me or has the world of words and definitions changed in the last few years.  Suddenly the liberalists are supporting and supported by the neo-conservatives (what we called fascists 60 years ago) and the the people being called fascists are promoting peace and reconciliation, and middle of the road conservative politics of 30 years ago.

So now I’m in a state of confusion because I don’t know what the right references really are… do I stick to the mainstream language which is clearly negative and conjures a false image and hope that those images change?  or do I call it for what it is and confuse the reader?

These are the little things in life I know.  But it is worth noting that the language being used in the media today has become twisted to ensure that the liberals don’t see it – but what is remarkable is that things are so bad that those who are starting to see it no longer care about the language used – change must come.