I know that the liberals screaming about how the rest of the world is crazy and racist and fascist and any other insult they can think of, can’t be feeling good as they are doing it, nor does it make them feel any better.

What is it they the liberals want? a free society – and yet ironically that is what everyone else is voting for.  Its like watching a child having a tantrum because they getting what they actually want (yes, all parents out there know that tantrum!)  but are horrified that they are not on the front lines demanding it.

Sadly the result is people are becoming more embedded in their beliefs, beliefs that have no place in this world that we have been moving into since the rise of neo-liberalism in the 80s.

We no longer have a world where fascism and socialism exist as political movements to threaten democracy, because the vast majority of the voting public just don’t fit in that category.

What we have is a corporate globalist movement that has zero interest in community welfare and development, and every interest in dividing people so know one knows what is going on.  Profit is the motivation and in that competition only few can win, the rest loose.   The movement that stands in contrast to that doesn’t have a name yet with an -ist or -ism at the end, but it is clear that this movement sees the con perpetuated by the banks and corporations and the establishment being paid by them to progress their agenda.

Globalism and [something]-ism are the political realities today – there is no left and right of note just those who support the amoral course that greed for money is leading us down, or the moral course that says there is a better way where everyone can win and supporting lying and corruption isn’t going to get us there.