If there is one thing we learn in school it is how sweeping statements are a negative.  And yet, here we are for the second time this year with the establishment and its liberal supporters, who seem to think corruption is ok, that people die in the interests of profit and that planet is raped and polluted, using sweeping statements to polarise people and keep them on track to defending the 1%.

Sweeping statements like all Trump and Brexit supporters are racist.  Firstly there is no basis for this statement at all, and if a survey was actually done, only about 5% of said supporters might actually fit this category.    5% is not representative of a movement.   Not only does it baffle me that people actually fall for these sweeping statements, they actually believe that the people they aiming them at are going to change their minds about what they believe in.

When will reality and common sense return to the arena?  not soon clearly!

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