I was watching a discussion between commentators on the TV this morning and it became clear that the European Union has a big decision to make.  Will they make the right one?

Public opinion is clearly against them and with the democratic vote being respected by the establishment in the UK and the USA (ok so the Labour Party who wanted to remain in EU have only come out and said they will none-the-less support the Brexit since the Trump win) That leaves the EU in a bit of a corner.   The right thing to do would be to review itself, change itself, and become a governing organisation that people what –  structure and decision making representative and democratic and accountable and if that is not possible, begin the process of dismantling

Alone however, and isolated, one starts to think of a wounded animal and what it might do – one might think of a lion or tiger who are vicious when approached, maybe for those who really believe that the EU is a sheep and will quietly die its death with out complaint, but personally I see the EU as an African buffalo.   A wounded African buffalo  has one goal, kill or be killed.   It is well known in the African bush how intelligent these animals are, how an injured buffalo will hunt the hunter, maliciously, insidiously and vindictively.

Yes I believe the EU is going to do what it takes to secure its own survival.  It will do it in a way that those who support it (the liberals) will one day wake up and find themselves knee deep in blood asking themselves for the first time – what exactly is it we are fighting for?  And the opportunities for blood have increased in the last 10 years – there is the manufactured racial conflict, the manufactured terrorist conflict, the manufactured Russian conflict, and now there is the more honest conflict between it and democracy.   Two if not more of these conflicts will be used by the EU stay in power.

Of course I could be being over dramatic – the war could remain in the information sphere, but as we have learned over the last 20 years, ‘they’, being the establishment backed by globalists,  need and will spill blood to justify the propaganda that justifies their perpetuation.