This article is great but the perspective is narrow because it assumes Brexit etc are the only possible problems  – but what if you super impose them with banks, oil, pharmaceutical etc as the devil incarnate?  It would read the same just from a different perspective and still be correct.  

Fact is – we have no idea really who are the good guys and who are the bad…  both sides have good arguments for their perspective.   Personally however – I do think that big industry has bought our governments and our press and they have zero morals when it comes to profit.   I don’t see that kind of drive or even the slightest desire for upset from either trump or putin. 

Controlling borders and sovereignty doesn’t even come close to the category of Monsanto, fracking, the bank heist of 2008 (incase some have forgotten- billions were printed given to banks and they don’t pay back a penny – instead the tax payer has too)  and the wars in the middle east (which the oil companies have benefited from but have not been taxed accordingly for taking care of displaced people) .   And this is just the obvious stuff – one has to ask what is it we don’t know ?

I don’t know what the future is but what we have now is wrong & sick to the core and people are suffering horribly and it is getting worse year on year – so each step we take to change – even if painful (which I hope it isn’t) – will be a necessary one to get out of the quagmire we have fallen into.