To day it was reported in the Guardian (quoting a report in the Times) , with the head line:

‘Leaked Brexit memo: no single plan and Whitehall struggling to cope’

that there was a leaked document stating that the Brexit effort was in shambles and a further 30,000 people would need to be employed.

As you read the first few paragraphs one is led to believe that this report was commissioned by the Cabinet Office and leaked from the Cabinet Office.  For the short attention span of most readers, the implications are clear and many would have moved on by the 3rd paragraph.

However, as you read on it starts to become clear.  First that it was written by a consultancy firm and then, for the persistent reader, you find out that it wasn’t commissioned by the government at all, in fact, they have no idea who commissioned it or where is came from.

Is this really the standards that the mainstream press will go to indoctrinate people to the establishments point of view?

We are to expect more of this type of propaganda in the coming years as the the globalist establishment financed by the corporations uses its media presence to fight back.

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