I must say I was a little surprised that the 3 last countries Obama was visiting included Greece.  Of course now the trip has happened all becomes clear.

Yes, the establishment is in panic overdrive and, OMG, EU might really fall as well.   It is the last bastion of the western globalist movement of significance.  So what is Obama doing? he is trying to save it.

Greece was the first of the anti-establishment voting majorities (sadly many commentators forget this).  The EU managed to blackmail the Greek govt into staying in the union, thereby ignoring the popular vote.  The motivation for this was a full default on Greek loans would see Deutsche Bank collapse causing a cascade of events they didn’t want to deal with.

Greece, stuck in the EU to protect the Germans, has not played the tune.  They have been clear that they are against Russian sanctions and have not been shy about developing relations with Russia.  Russia is the chosen enemy on which they have worked so hard at convincing people as dangerous (Russia isn’t even close to being dangerous sadly) so that a war can be engineered for another money making scheme and the jackpot of resources they can then control China with when they win.

Greece now becomes the biggest risk with in the EU to be the first country to cut its membership and drop the rhetoric on Russia.  Greece is a strategic location in a war so I’m sure this plays a factor as well.  So important that they MUST stay in the union at any cost it would seem.   As we see reported today in the EUObserver,  Greece, clearly with Obama’s support, is now calling for it’s debt with Germany to be cancelled!

The parallel being drawn here is with the cancellation of Gemany’s debt after WW2 to stabilise the region.

Happy Days for Greece!!!!

Now we understand why Obama went to Greece first then Germany, where he will now blackmail Merkel into agreeing to the deal.

The other issue on the table was NATO.   What is interesting here, as I have said before, is that Obama seems very certain that Trump will not be able to move against NATO.  I still fully expect a false flag event to happen, to try and ensure that Trump is put in a position where he will have to support NATO.   I am hoping that Trump will be able to see through the wool they will try to put over his eyes.

We continue to watch this space.

The full article from the EUObserver here :   https://euobserver.com/foreign/135918