This is for you who are so afraid right now.  Who think that the world has turned into a dystopian reality.   That without a reset button, or a power button to turn it off, the world and you in it will die a slow, very painful death.

I think you are a victim — not of Trump because he hasn’t served his term, he hasn’t proved either way who he is or what he is as a president. I think you are a victim of an ideology that plays to your fears. You can’t see the world as it really is anymore because the fear belief has blinded you and your brain filters information to confirm your beliefs to you and the ideology constantly services and enables your fear as it fears its own survival.

I can say you are wrong to be so afraid, but you can’t hear me

I can say that it will be ok, but you still can’t hear me

I can say that there is hope, but still the fear is in your eyes

There is nothing I can say, because like a victim, you only know what you know and you see it threatening you every time you turn on the TV, open a publication, or walk down the street.

But maybe you can hear this:

Yes the world is not what you expected it to be. It isn’t what was sold to you or what you were led to believe. The world is changing faster that you are prepared for and knowing what is real is melting before your eyes. You can’t see a future and that is frightening, and that fear starts to paint an image of the worst possible out come.

But that is all it is. Fear.

And the more you focus on that fear for the future, the more your actions will take you to that future as your brain seeks to confirm your fear. You can’t change the world from this place of fear, you can only create a world where the fear has a place.

If it is the future that makes you fearful, then stop looking at it.

Take each day at a time, appreciate what you have. Reclaim your identity from the ideology that is fighting so hard to control you. Decide what it is you believe in, and you will know because it will feel good to think it. Then allow that to be the point from where all your actions come. Let that be what your brain seeks to confirm as true. Trust that that is reality.

I believe that 95% of people in this world are good, beautiful people. Some I click with, some i get along with, and some rub me up the wrong way, but in each case, they come into my life with a different set of beliefs and I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. What I do believe is that every single one of them whats to be a good person, wants the world to be a better place than it is today. Just like me. Just like you. And because it is 95% I know there is nothing to worry about, because what ever the social change happening, that desire of the 95% will win out and we will end up in a world where human pollution will be eliminated, poverty will be eliminated, prejudice will be eliminated etc. And yes — those 5% will still exist, and I am glad for it because they will stop us from being complacent.

We no longer live in partisan world, we live in a world where we open our eyes, learn who we really are, not what we are told to believe. And we accept the reality of the world today, appreciate it’s positive aspects, and we believe in the world of the future and that it is possible, because we can make it possible.

Hillary Clinton was not the answer to that better world. She was the opposite. She preached fear, and look at the result. Good people are doing terrible things — a mother throwing her 7 year old son out the door (my heart broke for that little boy standing there crying whilst the mother filmed because she didn’t love him and his heart was breaking thinking it was his fault,and it wasn’t, it was her not knowing how to love, only how to fear ), people beating up others because they don’t like what another person thinks, and students being given crayons and soft toys because they have been so tantalised by the fear system they can’t cope with the outcome of a democratic vote that votes against it.

Be the person you want to be, not the person fear makes you be. That is where your real hope is. Not in political parties, not in the store, or the TV — just you and who you choose to be every day of your life.