I know that most people didn’t get to see Trump speak, if they did, I don’t think there would be so much head scratching – granted there will always be people who don’t get it, but all the same.   Not that he helped himself at the beginning of the campaign, as I was one of the many who turned off because all I saw were sound bites that were contradicting and no substance to tell me that he was someone worth listening to.

It was only in the final days of the campaign that I switched back on and was pleasantly surprised to see an matured speaker with a clear agenda.  An agenda that spoke to what people are seeing as being wrong in the USA and abroad

He achieved what never came out in the Brexit vote – he put the problem clearly on the table, gave it a voice and more, said that he would change it.    This is not racism or fascism or nationalism, this is a bid for freedom from the globalist agenda that has a vice grip over our governments.

For those who haven’t heard him speak to this agenda:

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