The movement against globalisation is not an activist movement in the minds of the majority who are now supporting it.  There is nothing dangerous about conservative values and whilst not all aspects may be agreed with there is a need to have a reality check on current political policies that a move to the right achieves after years of moving progressively to the left.   It is for this reason that you will not see anyone supporting the movement particularly concerned about the fears that the left are voicing.

As things develop, however, one can’t help but start to become alarmed by the behaviour of the establishment and those who are supporting it under the flag of liberalism.

What we are seeing now, which we saw after the Brexit vote, is a backlash against the popular vote.  However, what was most concerning about it is the lack of engagement and the fuelling of this by the mainstream media that has served only to alienate and divide people further.  Rather it is is a total shut down of discussion and a rhetoric of them (wrong, stupid, uneducated, racist, nationalist, sexist, misogynist) and us (we are the only people who know what is right because we are liberal – comply).

This alienation is of enormous concern at it sends people who would normally be found in centre politics (liberal), on the extreme edges of both left and right whilst still claiming to be liberal.  Left in supporting the perpetuation of media censorship and propaganda and elitist non democratic control, and the right (nationalist) in wanting to force others, beyond national borders even, to adopt the same values, through violence if necessary.

This extreme behaviour coupled with the total lack of dialogue with opposing views has only ever been found in movements of nationalism and socialism.  This behaviour has not been witnessed in those they project these characteristics on.

Indeed, the realities experienced in this dichotomy have become so divorced from each other that it seems any discussion has become impossible.  They effectively have their hands over their ears, shut their eyes and scream ‘i’m not listening!’

So here is a scenario of how this could very easily become dangerous.

Currently we see a new American president in waiting.  During the campaign the press were bias and divisive, supported by the establishment, and this has not toned down to any great extent in the aftermath.  They have in effect alienated their own president and set a scene that will no doubt make it difficult for him to achieve his goals (which are right of centre, but not extreme).

He has two choices.  He can alienate the press in return by not giving them the privilege they have long enjoyed of having access to the sitting president.  The result of this would be that they continue to be divisive and start to speculate that his every move is a sign of totalitarianism.  Or, he could continue the tradition, give them the access and run the risk of them using that as an opportunity to twist words and situations to make it sound like the president was moving in a totalitarian direction.

Because the establishment has not condemned the wanton violence against supporters of the president in waiting, they are ostensibly giving a green light to this behaviour which the press will no doubt manipulate at any given opportunity in the future.  This behaviour is not to be taken lightly.   Random people in the street have been beaten up (brown shirts anyone?) because they voted for Trump.  A mother not only kicked her 7 year old son out of the house for voting Trump in the mock school election, but filmed it too!  When people are driven to these levels of behaviour alarm bells should be ringing very loudly.

This is a loose/loose situation when the ‘liberals’ don’t care about the truth only indoctrinating their point of view as fear is been ignited deliberately and the divisive reporting could also affect the political process.  This leaves the president only one of two choices – Give up fighting for what he believes is right or abolish the political process in order to get something done that is of value.  And should the the violence on the street escalate, a state or emergency may also become a viable reality.

In effect the Liberal Extremists will invite extreme solutions into a reality, whilst crying into their pacifiers and patting each other on the back.

What the ‘liberals’ are making clear is that they want people to comply with them at ANY cost and completely ignore the contradictions and hypocrisies of their position.  This is the behaviour of extremism.    Indeed, when one looks at the history of extreme political movements of nationalist persuasion, they have run on high levels of emotional fear, propaganda, at media control.   And as we see with any war to defeat them, they are often already in positions of power before people realise the threat that they present and whilst this has taken a democratic turn, it may not be enough to save the USA from civil war.