As the dust settles after the elections in the USA and Trump storms ahead forming his government, one is left wondering if everyone, both supporters and critics, is expecting too much of him?

Here are my thoughts about the man and where I think he will take things.

What is interesting seeing some of the historical footage of him is that he has been asked on numerous occasions for the last 30-40 years, whether he has any designs on the White House.    This tells me that he has a strong leadership presence.  For good or bad, he will be a strong leader with a good negotiating personality.  I think he will get far more done than people expect him to.

But what is it that he wants to get done really?  It is hard to tell what sits behind the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan, and certainly he has thrown out ideas that he has to achieve this goal.   I suspect he will aim to get ahead of the game and push the agenda he feels will get the most resistance to right out of the starting gate before it gets bogged down in committee – immigration control.  Whilst doing this, I think he will go for quick wins on the foreign affairs front and look to get some tasty trade deals through the door and into a position where he can start recalling troops.  I am expecting to hear a lot about Israel and as a result Iran – there is every possibility that things could take a turn for the worse on the Iranian front, and if so, the friendly talk about Russia may end up being just that – talk.  We can only hold our breath.

However, I don’t think that the globalists or the liberals are going to make life easy for him domestically.   They are going to make every effort to fail him and continue to ferment suspicion and dissent amongst the people and within the governing process (the latter already on the back foot having lost the lobbying money and perks).  I suspect that an appropriately timed financial crisis coming from Europe may be used with Deutsche Bank’s exposure with Greece.  This is a huge concern when dealing with a character like Trump.  As a strong leader who sees that there is only one option and that is to win, marshal law may end up being on the books.   If this happens all hell will be let loose as the liberals live out their self fulfilling prophecy.

So whilst the anti-global movement jumps up and down with glee at the first sign of positive change since the advent of neo-liberalism, one has to wonder what this change is going to entail.  For all the swamp draining that Trump achieves it may come at a price.   And if the US descends into chaos, Europe will become vulnerable to its own weaknesses as a result of years of cultural liberalism.

There is no crystal ball for Europe, other than hope they will break up the EU as it is today and make alliances with Russia sooner rather than later as there are far worse enemies out there, and currently Europe doesn’t have the military strength to defend itself should America pull out of NATO which remains a possibility.

Yes change is what we are looking for, but change is never easy and I think it is fair to say that Trump will be the catalyst for it all – one can’t help but feel that there is destiny in his steps, that this was always a role he was meant to play.   And whilst the journey is likely to end up being a bumpy one, I’m optimistic in thinking that the globalists will not only suffer as much as they have caused suffering, but they will never again enjoy the power that they currently have today.

What ever happens, I think we are about to see the most energetic, drama filled presidency in history that is going to sweep the rest of the world up in its wake.  Time to fasten your seat belts, and hold on tight!