We live in a word of sound bites and repeated words to drum in the narrative to us poor mindless souls who need to be told what to think and say.   It works, as anyone who has studied NLP will know, and that is why they do it, so I’m going to start keeping tabs on the tags.

I am going to skip forward from the ‘misogynist, racist, bigot’ rhyme, even though so many people didn’t even seem to notice that they were just repeating it blindly with out bothering to find out if there was any basis to it.

Instead, I’m going to skip to the one that keeps popping up right now around Obama and Clinton, on the rare occasion she has been seen since the results came out.  I don’t spend time watching US mainstream media, but I suspect they repeat the phrase as often as possible in their news coverage.

‘….share our values’

This phrase is being repeated, over and over again.  It is a call to arms, it is a tribal call, it is identifying a group that sees themselves as having good values, who are righteous and must stick together.   ‘This is our way of seeing things.’

However, the question remains – what are ‘their’ values that are ‘our’ values?

This is never specified and not needed to because the brain automatically fills in the gaps – if you see Obama as a good person you will assume he has good values just like you.  If you don’t then the implication is that maybe you don’t have good values and you should change the way you think.

It is not surprising that they are pulling out the stops to shut down #Pizzagate (Podesta emails in Wikileaks showing links to activities such as child trafficking – see post The Truth is out there – #Fakenews battle begins at #Pizzagate) and shouting ‘#fakenews!’ as it seems that their values might actually stray far from what most people would consider as good values.

The flip side to this is that it is a message to the President Elect to come over to their way of seeing things.   Giving this message in Greece, Germany and Peru at the APEC meeting was pointing to where Trump could be hurt most, namely a collapse in the EU and Asian markets caused by Greece and China failing.  I very much doubt Trump has paid any attention to this so I expect we will see some economic turmoil soon.

Expect to hear this phrase repeated some more before Obama leaves office as it will not carry the same weight when he has left.  It will be interesting to see where in Europe the phrase starts to appear with elections in France and Germany being held next year.