Surprisingly, only whispers of this scandal can be heard in the mainstream media in the US and in the UK  I couldn’t find any mention of #Pizzagate at all.  References that have been made in the mainstream US media has been to label it as #fakenews being spread by the alt-right – that ultra scary group of computer nerds who are plotting to take over the world.

What is the truth about Pizzagate?  The most damning evidence to fall into the public domain regarding child abuse, child trafficking and ritualised practises involving children at the highest levels of the establishment including the Oval Office.   The evidence is coming found in the Wikileaks of the Podesta emails.    It is quite likely as this information is coming to light that it was leaked by a member of law enforcement in the USA.  The Alt-right group, or rather specific members, on reddit, 4chan and 8chan, have been going through the emails released so far with a find tooth comb and are finding (a lot of) damning evidence of Podesta being involved in the procurement of children for sexual and ritualistic purposes.

The first video below released by a couple of weeks ago (45mins long) starts with showing how this information is already being drip fed into the public domain, he then goes on to specific Podesta emails.   This is clearly an effort for him to get through this segment and finishes with a desperate prayer.

The second video released in the last couple of days (30mins long) speaks to another investigation into the ring where the social media profiles of Comey (former FBI director and campaign manager for Hillary Clinton) which were in the public domain were reviewed and found to have photos of sadistic art including a painting of an adult having sex with a child.  Whilst the evidence is not conclusive for a criminal trial, is certainly is very damning.

The final video (30mins) is a mainstream journalistic piece by 60 Minutes Australia from last year looking at the child abuse scandal in the UK establishment.  I’ve included this here, because the implication of #Pizzagate is enormous.  If the authorities are able to break through the wall of silence and cover up, then it is high likely the wall will tumble in the UK, Europe, the Catholic Church to the highest levels in Rome, and the Protestant Churches.

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Where is the #outrage people!