Last week the Snoopers Charter was passed into law with very little comment or protest.  This bill giving authorities carte blanche over access to internet data, seriously raises questions regarding privacy and the rights of the individual to have some degree of privacy in their day to day lives.

However, I think what is more important is how will the authorities in the UK actually  use this new super power they have acquired.  In light of the #pizzagate allegations surrounding the Clinton campaign which also has links to the White House, I begin to see a potential advantage to this super power and wonder if it will actually be used to great effect.

#pizzagate, if you are coming in new to the story can be summarised in the following video:

Whist paedophilia is not news and generally people are aware that there is an insidious side to the current political establishments, what has been sorely lacking is the hard evidence to arrest these people.

It is with out a doubt that these new surveillance powers can go a long way to protecting our democracy but also more importantly our children.

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