Fear is a main staple of the establishment and those that support it and what better way to expound that fear that to adopt words and phrases with out substantiating them. Welcome to our post truth world.

The word that is becoming synonymous with post truthism is – Alt.right

It is perfect in fear mongering and divisiveness as a post truth in that it implies further right than conservative, and therefore it must by default be neo-nazi.  Often when alt.right is mentioned, racism is used in close proximity to drive home what the intended meaning is.  No evidence has been given to support this association, and I haven’t found any.

The result intended and achieved is emotional.  Horror and fear.  The more emotional the fear harder people fight back against the words and anyone associated to the words, particularly people who have have been subject to racism. The intended purpose is social unrest, so we can expect to hear alt.right and racism increasing in use in the coming year.

The truth about the alt.right is that on the whole they are computer geeks who like to troll, and question society.   They have no agenda other than to high light the liberal hypocrisy and prefer to remain anonymous – they are conservative and anti-globalist and see that the established centre right politicians have sold out to the globalist agenda.

In the post truth world, everyone who is conservative is being thrown into this group as well and, for good measure, the far right groups.   Effectively everyone who doesn’t agree with the globalist liberal agenda, who subsequently voted Brexit and Donald Trump has now become alt. right.


  • 1[mass noun] Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:

    ‘a programme to combat racism’
    1. 1.1 The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races:
      ‘theories of racism’

    (Oxford Online Dictionary)

The post truth use of the word racism doesn’t reflect the actual definition.  In post truthism, racism has also become associated with any white person (racial definition is being tacitly made with the assumption that no other person than a white person can be racist) who desires immigration controls for their country borders.   What is totally ignored is that border controls are desired across the cultural and ethnic spectrum of society.

Historically racism has been associated with violent acts by white people so it becomes an extremely effective post truth for spreading fear and divisiveness.

Personally I find this extremely sad to see such an emotive word being used so callously.  Then I remember, this word is not being used callously, it is being used deliberately.

Identity is extremely important to the human psyche and it is a central reason the open border policy of the progressive liberal globalists has seen many people call for border control, as part of that identity is who ‘we’ are as a nation state and applies cross culturally and ethnically to people with in that state (as mentioned before).

There are white people, men more specifically, who are feeling their cultural identity compromised in favour of other cultural groups.  This group is not racist.

Yes racism exists still.  However, we need to be clear about it and recognise and deal with it where it actually exists and not start demonising large groups of people who are not racist whilst the real issues being ignored.

This post truth of alt.right & racism paints a different picture from reality and one has to be concerned that this picture may be a projection of the real purpose of the globalism and chaos that is being financed by George Soros.