I didn’t know this, but there is a UK Women’s Party.  Set up in March last year, a group of women have banded together to promote equality for women.  I think this is great as I think women definitely need to be given the recognition they deserve.

Naturally one of the topics on the agenda at their annual conference this weekend for the UK Women’s Party, is the concern over misogynist remarks by Donald Trump having a negative impact on women’s rights.

The question is, is another women’s group the answer?

I don’t think so, as a woman who has travelled extensively and experienced both the incredible generosity and kindess as well as the ignorant misogyny of men in equal measure. (www.toafricawithautism.com)

Ok, so for a public figure, Donald Trump should show more restraint and it was naivety on his part in that regard, but to be perfectly honest, I’d like to see a hot blooded male who hasn’t been a misogynist and made remarks about women’s bodies or walked all over their capabilities and intelligence.   Thankfully though, they either don’t do it to our faces or for that most part they are not even aware of how patronising they are being and we seem to let them do it with out realising it half the time as well.

Perhaps we should start following the advise of women’s magazines the world over and stop trying to change men.

Bottom line is, we as women are responsible over how men view us and it seems very hypocritical to me that we allow the music, film, media and fashion industry to sell sex where the women behave or are characterised as being no more than window dressing in the red light district of Amsterdam to be bought and sold for sex.

It is time to stop whinging like victims and to start reclaiming our power.  It is time to start demanding that women are seen in all forms of media as something more than just a sex object.    When we start winning those battles then we are more likely to get results in equality.

When the feminists movement took off their bras and burnt them there was a group of men that celebrated and for the last 40 years have been taking full advantage saying ‘yes please!  take your bra off!’ whilst holding a camera, filming it for public consumption.   Feminism was not about women’s rights is was about giving a green light to misogyny of the worst kind and if we don’t clean up the mess, then we may find our daughters experiencing even worse barriers in society than we are doing today.

We don’t need another group of women nagging men and telling them how bad they are and then going home and watching the seX Factor on the telly, we need a group of strong women with strong voices making changes where it matters most.  If you want the respect of men that is the only way you are going to get it – don’t just demand it, live it.