Fox News, a mainstream media outlet, gives the low down on how George Soros sits behind the progressive liberal agenda and the divisive racial rhetoric that we are seeing so much of today.

Whilst this is a US centric presentation, the truth is that George Soros has been ferreting away in Europe as well, and naturally so because he is born Hungarian.  In fact the recent explosion of immigrants to Europe was funded by the foundations financially supported by Soros himself.

This is a man that makes the fiction of Goldfinger look tame.  Only this isn’t fiction – this is reality.  Our reality.  And as we start choosing politicians that he doesn’t control you can be certain that fear and violence is going to increase, much like we saw in Ukraine.

Yes that’s right, he financed the right wing movements in the Ukraine to over throw a government he didn’t have control over.  Why does he want this degree of control?  money of course!  with a big dollop of egotism.