The world of Liberalism is a tricky path to get anything done it seems.  The mere sight of strong leadership and the liberals being ticked off for being wimps sees them crying into their soft toys demanding that everything needs to be justified so that they can feel safe.

I came across this headline today :

Theresa May ‘keen to provide certainty’ to EU citizens in the UK

At the top of the article a Sky News segment about what the Polish in Poland want – which is for the UK to remain in the EU for their businesses.

What? wait!

So basically remaining isn’t about the interests of British people and business (who stand to profit because they are now free to have international trade deals including the EU if they get their act together) It is about enslaving the British people to foreign businesses.

But more than that, the purpose of the article was a meeting to discuss the rights of EU citizens in the UK and how Theresa May wanted people to know they are going to be ok.   What seems so ridiculous is what exactly do they think is going to happen to them?

Why is Theresa May even acknowledging this issue?

Strong leadership is about understanding the goal, believing in the goal, and making it happen.  Not being distracted by small issues and knowing that not every single person is going to be over the moon about it and that is the way the cookie crumbles.  How are we, including the liberals, ever going to have confidence in leaders if this is how they are behaving.

Churchill would never have got the UK through the war and become an inspiration to the world over if he was concerned about addressing the people who were against war, or was more concerned about how the German people felt about bombs being dropped on them.

Margaret Thatcher would never have turned around the economy of the UK if she had bowed to the Trade Unions.

Tony Blair would never have got the UK embroiled in Iraq it he questioned himself for a second that it might be wrong.

Leadership is needed to get the tough stuff done.  However, if the Liberals keep undermining the democratic process by demanding weakness from our leaders, then we are truly at risk of an extreme leader coming along.

Looking at the track record of what democracy is producing as we become weaker, one can only assume that the next strong leader is going to be someone worse than Tony Blair as divisions in society become more pronounced.  That person could be left or right wing and both sides have bad qualities in equal measure.