The wonderful thing about the recent election victory of Donald Trump is that it has thrown up an entirely new batch of alternative media sources that were otherwise not getting the ratings to show up on my recommended feed before hand.

Stefan Molyneux is one such alternative media provider.

After successful career in the tech industry, Stefan changed course and set up in 2006 getting involved in social discussion and public speaking on a wide variety of subjects.

His YouTube channel is definitely subscription worthy as he holds conversations with movers and shakers, interest enthusiasts,  and sometimes no one at all, instead giving a presentation on current events from his perspective.

His perspective is conservative and calls for common sense in the western white societies, questioning the globalist, open society ethos of the current political establishment and the indoctrinated liberal ideals supporting it.

Yes he presses buttons and I would say, as a woman, there is perhaps some room for development of his ideas (hahaha!), but on the whole he does speak a lot of much needed sense, is clearly intelligent and doesn’t take his intelligence for granted, rather enjoys the freedom that it gives him.

It is good to see a white man who is unapologetic about being a white man and speaking to the success of white men.