It is in the news today that Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, is considering banning President Elect Donald Trump from the Twitter platform.

Jack Dorsey has been causing a stir in recent weeks as he has tried to suppress alternative media outlets on the platform and seems to be showing signs of wanting to take the censorship further to outright banning of any views that don’t conform with the Open Society narrative.  I guess all perspectives other than Open Society are intolerable these days.

If Trump really is removed from the platform of Twitter, then we can be sure that a huge majority of the twitter using public will move to new platforms that are already lining themselves up to be the new location where freedom of speech is allowed and people can self sensor.

This move will also increase tensions in american society to a point where it will take only one trigger nervous individual to twitch and kill someone one for the guns to start blazing every where.

Now is a good time to run for cover.

On a lighter note – Facebook has implemented its new filters to remove #fakenews (although not clear what the definition of #fakenews is in this filter, we should be told) only for the filter to start removing posts by Zuckerberg himself.  One has to laugh at the irony.