My awareness of George Soros was practically nil and it was through my coming into awareness that I started to look at what were his beliefs.  As I started to understand them I began to see the bigger picture as it really was playing out on the political stage in Europe and America.

Personally, as I come to terms with there being a real Goldfinger in our midst, I am finding it hard to believe that Soros believes in anything other than his own divinity and entitlement to control the entire planet.  However, in order to do that he recognises he needs to give people someone to fight for – an ideology.  The ideology is based on liberalism and is call Open Society which takes liberalism to an extreme where by the human society is completely divorced from it’s nature.  Like we see Communism is to socialism, it puts forward an idealistic view of the world and attempts to realise it without acknowledgement to reality.

Liberalism at its core tries to introduce balance into society. Balance between rich and poor, religious and political ideas, and ensuring that the minority still have a voice that is not ignored.  Free speech, tolerance and democracy are fundamental to achieving this.  We all believe we are good people, and we all aspire to be more tolerant of others even those who’s views conflict with our own.  Generally speaking, in a disengaged sort of way, we realise that this will not happen over night and we don’t consider that we will have to really live it in our immediate future.  The fulfilment of this ideal is very much something we see as a future goal of humanity, and we strive for it by protecting democracy and free speech whilst trying to be good people as we conduct our lives.

Now we introduce Open Society.  It is all these things about Liberalism and more.   It believes that there should be full integration of people, that this must be actively implemented, as well as the promotion of minority over the majority in order to force the majority to put aside their beliefs and culture and become the tolerant masses, regardless of whether they are ready for it or not.  It believes fundamentally that it is entirely possible for two groups of people with completely opposing views live side by side in peace and to work towards a common goal of the community.

To put it mildly, in the texts that I’ve read thus far, Open Society, whilst is says that all ideas are respected, in truth it is anti the domination of the majority, and believes its view is the only correct reality.   It comes as no surprise then that the way the ‘democracy’ of the European Union works is to see minority voting outcomes carry, and politicians behave like they are autonomous of the vote.  It is no surprise either then that more media coverage is given to minority or alternative views as if of greater importance than the majority – as we see in Brexit where the views of a European is to be taken more seriously than the views of the majority voting UK public.   That whilst Black Lives Matter is a racist activist group it must be tolerated and promoted but neo Nazi groups must not be.   The problems are obvious, but there is an end goal we should all be working for – a one world society with out borders – which Open Society sees as its highest goal where governance and law is purely focused on ensuring that everyone is getting along with each other and working towards a common goal – I assume this goal is prosperity for all, however, I’ve not seen it articulated or for that matter who are the beneficiaries of the prosperity.

So Open Society in simplistic terms tries to make everyone equal in terms of ideas (aka there is no majority view point that can dominate in governance), where as communism seeks equality in terms of economics (aka there is no economic elite that can dominate governance).

However, in order to implement these ideals Open Society (George Soros as the primary instigator)  has learnt from communism and fascism that populist movements don’t work in the long run, and if the whole world is to implement this then the long run is very important.  So Open Society has been creeping into the system by using liberal appeal.  Either through politicians really believing it to be the future, or in most cases, politicians being coerced through more nefarious methods as we saw with Tony Blair and Angela Merkal in recent times, or indeed the Greek PM who was ready to take Greece out of the EU, or as we see in #pizzagate where whole groups are controlled through appealing to their perversities.

The plebs are generally not engaged in politics – they go to the polls to employ someone else to do it, even more so today with so much entertainment options to distract us.  So it has been a fairly easy ride these last 30 – 40 years for the establishment to become indoctrinated and to start seeing themselves as representing the ideals of everyone.  In the last 5 years the veil of that doctrine has started to fall with increased power of the EU, increased social unrest from the minority groups, and more laws to govern behaviour in ways that religions governed moral behaviour in the past in terms of tolerance.

The majority has started to notice, and as they notice and start to vote outside of the establishment we see that Open Society is in fact an ideology to be deeply concerned about on a par with Communism and Fascism.  It seeks to control the social narrative through media, create fear for imagined enemies, and a political elite that sees the plebs as ignorant that need to be handled and over ruled when they get things wrong.  It has gained power, and now it is hell bent on keeping that power. So much for tolerance, it turns out Open Society is not tolerant at all and as you see in the featured image they even manage to find a way to justify that as well.

Whilst George Soros is the godfather of Open Society, I don’t believe for a second he has been financing this on his own.  Key industry groups including, banking, military, energy, pharmaceuticals, will have one or more people like Soros working to this agenda.   Will we see them start to show their hand in coming years?  I don’t know.   What I do know is that we are at the brink of something big socially.  We will either fall into the pit that Soros has helped us to create, or we will turn away from it and in doing so come up with new ways of thinking to that will actually practically move us to the goal we all seek, that we know will be hundreds of years in the making, a goal where we can all live oneness because we have all arrived there together – not because someone has forced us to whether we are ready for it or not.

Read Karl Popper to get really in deep with the Open Society philosophy, otherwise a google search will bring you lots of results for more information.  A nice easy read that gives you the feel good, head in the clouds optimism, is David Pollock, a well known Humanist ( however, one can feel the sore divorce from the practicality and the hypocritical justifications as one reads.

Dreams are nice, we should keep having them, but some dreams are just that dreams.  In the mean time, lets keep it real, lets move forward together without the dominant MINORITY we call the elite/establishment forcing themselves upon us.

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