It seems that the only people who will really know are her parents.  For years they tried to keep a high profile on the case, saying that they were hoping to find her and the police every so often would follow another lead.  Until finally all has gone quiet.

However, I did hear from a friend who knew a UK police officer on the case that the UK police believed that the parents ‘done it’.  I didn’t really believe it though because I was convinced by their efforts to find her.

Then I saw the video below.

Such a clean crime that the police could find literally nothing – no clues.  What do you think happened to her?

Madeleine McCann was recently mentioned in the news again, thought to be a homeless girl that was found wondering around Rome speaking English.  However, it turned out that she was from Sweden.  The case was a strange one… but no one seems to be questioning it, so far be it for me to start trying to stoke a fire!