If it wasn’t bad enough that the EU passed a directive to begin limiting free speech and in America the various steps being taking with the help of tech companies to limit access to view points that challenge the liberal controlled narrative.

If it wasn’t bad enough, that the liberals feel like it is their right and duty to overturn or obstruct democratic votes because they think that the majority are miss guided.

If it wasn’t bad enough that corporations are wading in and spending money to support the overturning or obstruction of election results.

If it wasn’t bad enough that mainstream media seems to be the primary source of fake news, whilst at the same time is employing abusive language towards any dissenting voices of the liberal ideology (fascism, racism, misogyny, white supremacist) regardless of evidence to contrary and thereby creating deeper divisions, exploiting fear in society and encouraging social unrest.

If it wasn’t bad enough that people are being paid to protest and to be violent to anyone who is openly supporting the results of the US election. (Reminiscent of the Nazi Brown Shirts)

If it wasn’t bad enough that the elite are embroiled in child trafficking and satanism and clearly have no interest in representing the people who elected them.

If it wasn’t bad enough that the NATO block are the only countries that are beating a war drum (N.Korea doesn’t count – for obvious reasons)

If it wasn’t bad enough…. well, the list could go on but clearly so far it has all been unconvincing.

Then maybe this latest titbit would help to add to the list.

The European Union is looking to enact a new terrorism directive where the definitions of terrorism are sufficiently, and somewhat conveniently, vague enough that it could be applied to any dissenting voices and protests against the union.  In effect, it is a draconian law that gives the EU the power to wipe out any opposition to its continued existence.

Human Rights groups are understandably up in arms and have written in protest, however, we can be fairly certain that they will be ignored and the directive will pass in about a month.

It is worth noting that the UK will be covered by this law until it leaves the Union and as a result may never leave if all opposition in the UK has been effectively suppressed.