There has been a lot of noise this last week about Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit.  Brexit voters are understandably not happy at all because it sounds like an other attempt to side step the vote by the pesky liberals.

But wait!  this might actually be a good thing.

So as I understand the soft brexit, Britain effectively opts out of the EU club but still pays some membership and continues with business as usual – like an associate membership.  However, what Britain will then be able to do, which it can’t under full membership, is start signing international trade deals without being restricted by the EU membership.

This to me sounds like a good thing over all on the basis that it provides a compromise and we the Brits can get all friendly with each other again.  Both sides get something that they want and the fight that is building up right now gets put off for a few years whilst we wait for our Euro neighbours to catch up with us and are able to join the fight for democracy.

Just sayin’

Now I’ve put that out there as a possibility, I hope that it doesn’t happen all the same because what is really important, and I think for most people who voted brexit, is that we are completely out of the union and not bound by it’s laws in anyway – that this should happen as soon as possible.   We realise that being subject to a non democratic authority is not something we want.  We see it as dangerous.   Dangerous enough that we are prepared to fight for it and it will eventually come to that.

The liberals don’t understand because they are already in an autocratic mind set and are completely out of touch with reality.  We hope that they will wake up, we try to understand them, we expect common sense to prevail, but in the end – they would rather throw themselves on a sword than admit that they have it completely wrong.