Finally the main stream media in the UK has started reporting on Pizza Gate which has been gaining steam as more information is unearthed since my initial post about it a few weeks ago –  The Truth is out there – #Fakenews battle begins at #Pizzagate

The story published today in several outlets is that a man with gun started in the Pizza restaurant that is that the centre of the scandal because he was upset after investigating the fake news story of pizza gate.

As it happens, the man appears to be totally random from out of state.  He didn’t mention pizza gate, no evidence was found to link him to pizza gate, he threatened no one – apparently he walked in and fired some shots into the ground.  That was it.  It seems to have remained nice and calm otherwise until the police arrived to take him away.

The restaurant owner, who is far from being a lowly small business man having his life destroyed by a misguided mob, is one of the most powerful movers and shakers in Washington (I’m not kidding – look it up – James Alefantis) and is quoted as saying, “I hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today, and stop promoting these falsehoods right away” .

His weak denials of his involvement with child trafficking, ritual child abuse, child pornography distribution etc. aside,  one has to wonder about the veracity of the story as a whole.

One could easily be led to the conclusion that the Pizza shop owner has arranged the gun man incident in an attempt to discredit the #pizzagate investigation being done by citizens who are concerned about the welfare of the children and that there are people who are not being prosecuted merely because of their position in society.

The following video attempts to summarise the information so far gathered.  It is circumstantial, however, it clearly warrants further investigation and if high level politicians are involved, as indicated, they must be removed from their positions and prosecuted – or are we finally accepting that the rules only belong to the 99%?