#Pizzagate has now hit the mainstream media.   A man, who turns out to be related to the #pizzagate civilian investigation through his father, walks into a restaurant that is implicated in child abuse and trafficking with a gun.

According to mainstream media, someone nearly died as a result of crack pots making false accusations. In truth, no threats were made and the situation was extremely calm until the police arrived and said ‘threatening’ man walked out to meet with them. (Eye witness testifies to this) It is unclear if shots were actually fired, and if they were, it was at a padlock.

These false accusations are stated in the media as being child trafficking.   However, they do not provide any investigative information regarding the accusations.

This seems odd that if one is remotely concerned about the lives of children and the problem of abuse and trafficking of them, that they would blithely ignore this.   One can only assume that this omission of information is because they support the trafficking and abuse of kids.  1000s of children.   And if that isn’t the case, they certainly feel that the establishment and elites are exempt from the same moral standards as per the guidance of the Pope (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-pope-media-idUSKBN13W1TU)  who openly stated yesterday that they were above the law and investigation and yet has already received himself a conviction by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels for rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children (http://childabuserecovery.com/pope-francis-found-guilty-of-child-trafficking-rape-murder/)

So not only is there a systemic problem regarding the abuse of children in that investigations and court rulings are suppressed because the people accused are powerful enough to do so, but now we have a media system that is complicit in this suppression.

Suppression of this information to the public is complicity to the crime.

Sadly it doesn’t stop there, so close to the bone this particular investigation is.  Social media has actively been shutting down sources of information.  Reddit was the first location for information on #pizzagate and the thread has been abitrarily closed, whilst Reddit ALLOWs pedofiles to chat and share information on it’s platform – it has since been discovered that the CEO of reddit is connected to the Podesta brothers on the subject of spirit cooking and children.

YouTube has also now waded in on the issue and has starting actively deleting videos that present the evidence for #Pizzagate.  Not only is this infringement of free speech, but by actively suppressing the information in the public domain is again complicity to the activities of child abuse and trafficking.

Given this has been labelled as fake news, one has to wonder at the effort that is being put into suppressing the information, that it clearly confirms the veracity of the accusations and the evidence in the Podesta emails that backs it up.

If this world we are living in is saying that the life of a few adults is more important to the 100s of children that those adults are abusing, then we certainly have entered into an Orwellian age.  It is worth noting that the mainstream media in the USA has devoted more time to the Pizzagate gunman story where no one was hurt of even threatened, than to the knife welding muslim in in Ohio who injured a number of people.

The fate of those children who are being abused have been given no consideration at all.

So take a stand right here right now, whilst the evidence is irrefutable and in the public domain.  To do nothing now, means that never again will we have the opportunity to get justice and save these kids.

How can you take that stand?  get informed.  The following link (https://i.sli.mg/eoWIeB.jpg) is a photo you will need to magnify.  I recommend that you open wikileaks Podesta emails and verify the emails and read them in full context.

Share this information, don’t stop talking about it, don’t let people forget these kids.  Don’t stop trying to save them.