There has been a lot of narrative in the press about there being a swing to the far right on the political spectrum that has its roots in racism, when in truth the vast majority voting for political change are not racist at all exemplified by the fact that it isn’t just white people (who seem to be the only people who can be called racist, there by making the accusation racist in and of itself and its use a form of hate speech) but a broad spectrum of the cultural and ethnic diversity within the western political landscape.

What is in fact being said here is that white people who seek sovereignty in their own country are not allowed to.   At the end of the day this is what the arguement is about.  Who has sovereignty to decide what is acceptable within a given western country.  What much of the mainstream media, politicians and wealthy business people will have you say is that white people have no sovereignty at all, that actually sovereignty doesn’t really belong to anyone except them, and to force home the point they pursue an agenda that deliberately divides people into race politics and then promotes minorities in order to put down and control the majority.

The most powerful weapon in their divisive tool box is the word ‘racism’.  This article falls into the category of racist by their standards because it dares to say that white people have a right to decide the moral and ethical direction of their country along with everyone else in that country. If this is not true however, perhaps the solution is to remove the vote from white people.   If the only people who have the right to decided the future of the west are the ethnic and cultural minorities then why not let them be the only voters?  Ostensibly that is the message being put across.

The danger with constantly calling people who vote Brexit or Trump racist is that if you call someone a racist for long enough they will eventually become a racist in order to assert themselves and take back control.   A very good friend of mine expressed his fear and concern about hate crimes as someone from a different ethnic background.  I told him not to be worried because it simply wasn’t true that there were suddenly more people who were racist and presenting a threat.

On reflection, however, I wonder if in the future if this will be true.  I worry for him and his family because I can see at some point, that a person who is not racist today could turn into a racist tomorrow because they are sick of seeing yet another person of ethnically different origin on the TV telling them that they are racist for demanding that more effort is made by immigrants to integrate with western values.

Simply put, if you invite someone to stay in your house for a long period, firstly it is your right to make that invitation (although in Italy this right has been removed), secondly you expect them to adjust to your rules and values in the house and you certainly don’t expect them to start making fundamental changes to the house, be it moving furniture to better suit themselves or adding makeshift extensions to the house, if they ask you have absolute right to refuse aka to make the decision as to which changes benefit and which don’t.  Generally however, there is consideration on both sides if such an arrangement is to work.  If they don’t respect your space, you can ask them to leave and find somewhere else to live.  What you don’t do is creep around them worry about whether or not they are offended by what you do or how you behave, or let them change the house in ways that don’t suit you.

Many changes have been made in western societies to the positive as a result of more cultural or ethnic diversity and for the most part most people who immigrate from other parts of the world settle well and make a good life in the West with out complaints.  There are always going to be a small percentage of people who will be racist about it, but I think that is to be expected as part of human nature and communities are generally self governing of attitudes so that small percentage, until now, was unlikely to grow.

However, these changes have bought something else.  It has seen the rise of white criticism and use of it as a weapon to order to impose other cultural values and ideas on the existing population whether ethnically white or not.  Sadly these people who are white criticising are, like the actual racists, a small minority of reverse racists and are not representative of the people they pro-port to represent.   That these people are given a voice is indicative of the agenda of the ruling classes who seek to gain absolute control of society.  Collectively they represent a group of people who are actively employing hate speech against white people who don’t agree with them and it is specific to white people because when the term racist is used it is ONLY ever used to describe a white person.   This group and those that support it represent the biggest danger to democracy since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Interestingly, whilst the divisive people on the left employ racial politics, those on the right do not.  A spade is a spade, everyone has a chance, winners win and losers lose, and they will continue to call it that way – if not always eloquently – and when the time comes to fight people will stand together equally as people who believe in democracy, not as the racially identified flying the banner of an ideology that seeks to turn the west into another 3rd world region on the planet so that big business and self proclaimed ruling class can farm humans for the next 1000 years with out fear of being supplanted.

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Some interesting points in the video below on the progression of society.