Stefan Molyneux put a different slant on the history of the sexes that made me review seriously for the first time my own position on the subject of abortion.

I’m not a feminist, I’ve known this for a long time.  I think that the bra burning feminist movement has done a lot of damage to women and a lot of damage to women’s relationship with men.

However, there has always been a principle I’ve stood firm upon, and that is the right of a woman to decide what happens to her body on the subject of babies.  That as the incubator, she owns that right and really men should stay out of the discussion because they have absolutely no idea what the impact is to a woman – they never could.  I’m not saying that they are not impacted deeply, but ultimately the impact on a woman is far greater and therefore she has to own that right.

In this interview that he was doing Stefan goes on to explain that actually, in the pre tech. world before birth control, 10 doctors in a community, if 5 are women and they go off and have a babies, then that seriously impacts the communities survival as they are now left with only 5 doctors – so the social structure made sense.  Obviously now that we have birth control and labour surplus, this no longer presents an issue and society has been changing and adapting to that new reality.

What struck me then, about this resurgence of pro-life movements across america, is that perhaps there was more going on with it than we realise.  What is clear is that men dominate the pro-life movement and hence why it has become such a trigger for so many women including me.  However, what if it is a natural response to the drop in the birth rate in western societies.  That on a subconscious level the men are feeling like they have to force women to have babies, as in reality the birth rates in the west are generally in decline.

Well that puts a whole new light on things for me and certainly has me climbing down from my high horse regarding abortions and who has the right to say what.  If men owned this motive, then I think they may actually get a lot more support for their point of view.

It then begs another issue that is of higher priority to be addressed.  It is well known in the animal world that animals that are stressed don’t bread so well.  So this issue does need to be addressed in western human society, because the only reason any birth rate can decline is stress, and it is the only reasonable approach that can be taken if indeed an increase in birth rate is desired.

This should be a public debate.  I don’t think the answer is forcing women to have babies, I think the answer is the provision of a social environment that is conducive to the natural desire to make babies.

Disagree?  then comment below 🙂