The main stream media has been full of horror stories this last week about how rogue malicious individuals have been casting false allegations on an innocent pizza shop owner.  One would think from the story that said shop owner was some poor random chap like the many pizza shop owners of America, when in fact he is the 49th most powerful man in Washington even though he doesn’t actually hold a seat in the Senate, the Pentagon or Congress or work in the White House.

In none of the articles is there any research offered other than to vaguely mention that it derives from emails, omitting that the emails where from John Podesta’s private email account posted on wikileaks, or any analysis regarding them beyond dismissing them as nothing unusual.

What is also notable is that absolutely no mention is made, even if to nod in the direction of the problem of child trafficking, of the thousands of children who every year are taken into sex slavery and often killed by their abusers.

It seems the whole event in the main stream media was a concerted attempt to squash the story and left many people wondering how the story actually came about and what is it’s purpose.

The following video answers some of these questions as one of the researchers explains how it came about and what has happened since.