I was having a conservation with a friend yesterday and she said that immigration control was racist.  I explained to her that to call someone racist is racism as it is a label that is only applied to white people who in anyway disagree with the open border policy.  She countered that with the remark saying that it wasn’t ‘politically correct’ then.

Ok so it isn’t politically correct to criticise government policy now.  She was right – according to the media and governments.

So I thought I would spend some time looking at political correctness – definition from the Cambridge Online Dictionary as follows:

politically correct


US /pəˈlɪt̬·ɪ·kli kəˈrekt/ abbreviation PC

disapproving avoiding language or behavior that any particular group of peoplemight feel is unkind or offensive:

The politically correct termfirefighter” is used instead of “fireman.”

One of the wonderful things about western countries, particularly the UK, is that we are all so terribly nice and don’t want to offend and would like everyone to get along and it is a part of the Christain culture upon which we have developed.  So naturally we like to self police as to what might actually be inappropriate and evolve as a society on that basis.

However, it has taken a dark turn in the last 30 years.   So whilst children literature has been rewritten, they are now sexualised and we have seen a sharp increase in the sexualistation of children in advertising and entertainment.   So today, a young girl is now conscious of how she looks before she is even 10 years old!


It becomes totally baffling when one sees reported in the Evening Standard today that schools have started a gender diversity drive and will stop referring to children as boys and girls! (http://www.standard.co.uk/news/education/schools-told-to-stop-calling-pupils-boys-and-girls-in-gender-diversity-drive-a3417491.html)   The message being given to children effectively is that it is no longer ok to identify yourself as a boy or a girl, dispite the fact you are a majority identity.   If someone doesn’t want to be gender identified then it is up to them to say so, as there are so few of them it is unrealistic to expect the majority to change there own gender identity.  Personally I find this type of policy a form of child abuse, the damage of which is long lasting.

However, when one looks at this through the lens of Open Society/Progressive Liberalism this action makes perfect sense.  The ideology makes it clear there must be no majority group influencing society and where one exists the majority must always bend to the will of the minority.  In the example above, it is clear that children are being primed to accept that the minority has precedence over them and that they must comply to the minority will.  Their own needs are irrelevant

What? wait!

The consequences of this can be seen even more clearly when one starts to look at the immigration argument, where the vast majority of people moving into Europe are of Muslim back ground.

Islam, it has been argued, is a political ideology not a religious/spiritual belief.  The truth is that it is both and through it Open Society/Progressive Liberalism is going to meet its downfall as it pursues the cleansing of the majority white Christian identity.

Islam has a clear mandate to conquer the infidels.  One of the many ways that they are given license to do this is through deception called ‘taquia’.  Primarily taquia is to lie about one’s belief in the face of persecution, however, it is being used by extremists as a justification to progress the Islamic agenda in non Muslim countries until such a time as Sharia Law can be implemented.

Most Muslims are moderate they move to Christian countries and adapt and build lives, however, the reason we are seeing extremism in the generations following is because Islam demands world domination and as the young learn this they become frustrated by the moderate parents and so turn to extremism to show their faith in Islam.  They truly believe in what they are doing and rarely acknowledge the benefits the host country has given them because as they see it, it is a form of ‘infidel taxation’.

Because criticism of Mohammad is punishable by death, there is no opportunity for these subsequent generations to bring about a reformation of the religion, they often feel obliged to submit to these extreme ideas.   (again please note:  I do not say this is representative of the majority, however, it only takes a few to become effective activists by any means of activism including violence and the moderates can’t actively work against it as it would be seen as criticism of Mohammad)


Historically a pattern is followed, using “tacquia” or, the religious blessing upon lying to advance Islamic supremacy where in small minority, they become very vocal in complaints.  This is done to bully the populace into yielding to their demands, which, once satisfied initially, are reintroduced in new topics.

The complaints and violence increase exponentially as the population percentage increases, until Islamic slavery is established.

It begins with very small minorities.

“Hurt feelings” or “sensitivities” leads to various volunteering of surrendered rights of others, but never of Muslims.  Christmas pageants canceled, holocaust teaching exemptions, and de facto enforcement of Sharia blasphemy laws come from volunteer “Dhimmi”; those who willingly yield, “to keep the peace”, of whom the Islamic supremacist views as a tool, not an ally, to later be disposed.

Yesterday, CAIR blamed Americans for the California murders instead of Islam.

blog post: Tacquia, Progression and Slavery by Peter Hyatt (Statement Analyst)   12/9/15  http://statement-analysis.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/tacquia-progression-and-slavery.html

An example of this can be seen in an interview on RT earlier this year with Katie Hopkins, an outspoken columnist for the Daily Mail, and Mo Ansar a political and social commentator.  This interview is interesting on many levels but most notably how Mo trots off negative labels towards ANY criticism of Muslim immigrants even referring to ww2 and the propensity of whites to embrace the far right and loose their way every so often.  He finishes showing that he is standing on the Open Society platform which he knows is the current ideology being touted in western politics and media.  Well anyway, I will let you watch and observe the button pressing and accusations.  At one point he calls Katie an extremist letting slip his own intentions as being of extremist in nature.   Once I have completed my own analyst training I hope to be able to break down segments like this so everyone can better understand the details of the dynamics, deceptions and messages that are at play.

If you have an agenda like that of extremist Muslims, the current climate in the west is perfect, and the tactics he is using makes perfect sense.  Why not double down on white people’s aversion to being called negative labels and their guilt complexes.  It has worked so well, and continues to do so as the EU have now advised the press to no longer mention the word Muslim in relation to any crime committed by a Muslim in the name of political correctness and the fear of negative label calling by those who may feel sensitive about the reality of what is really happening in their Muslim communities, instead of actively working against the bad elements and stopping acts of terrorism.

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