Since the story about Russia was meddling in the US elections started being pushed harder in the last week, it was clearly an effort to distract from #pizzagate (John Podesta emails) where campaign to debunk had only severed to increase the number of people looking into it and finding the incriminating evidence.

What was not known was the full story of this #pizzagate #russia relationship.

Yesterday, after weeks of keeping a low profile because of the scandal, John Podesta suddenly reappeared on the social media scene.  One could only wonder what had happened that he suddenly felt so confident in light of the allegations.

Then a news article surfaces, published in the New York Times last Friday in the Europe section, to say that planting child pornography was an old KGB trick.   Ah-HA!  now we getting to the nitty gritty of the whole Russia story.

The problem that ‘they’, the Podesta camp, have, is that they can’t delete or remove the emails from the web.  Everyone has access to them and can decide for themselves if there is something significant or not.  Unfortunately for them, it is hard to not to consider them as significant.

So where will it go from here.

Well the story is clearly being set up.  Followed through, it is likely that a debunking is about to take place of the emails on the basis that the ‘Russians dunnit’  or perhaps they feel that the suggestion is enough to cast doubt.  However, having the stategy called out here and in other new sources means they may have to back off the story.  Of course the outstanding question is going to be how exactly were the russians able to achieve the complexity of communications and emails on John Podesta’s private email.  We shall see.

What is clear is that there is absolutely no evidence to connect Russia to the election other than what the Hillary campaign cooked up.  In fact it is technically impossible to prove Russia had any involvement and the more the story continues, the more it will start to look like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  What is also true is that all the secret service agencies have been involved in setting up politicians with child porn.  The FBI was in fact reprimanded by the court for setting up a dark web site and actively trading and dispersed child porn.

We also know that it is likely about 70% (if not more) of politicians in Europe and the USA and Canada are subject to this type of black mailing.  Whether by agencies or private individuals is of no consequence in light of the child abuse activity and their loss of integrity as servants of the people.

The following video tracks the history of the sexual revolution and the liberal mandate to ultimately legalise child abuse.  It is disturbing on many levels, but provides a good foundation as to how these people got caught in the web of lies and deceit.  They need as much liberation from this but not as much the children do.