The European Union has just passed what appears to be a technical report regarding procedures of the Union for passing law.    Before you get excited that the EU may actually be acknowledging the discontent of the populace and giving more transparency and democracy – it’s not.

In fact it is quite the reverse – the EU has made a massive power grab.

Effectively motions will no longer have to be under review of the elected portion of the Parliament, rather a handful of elected MEPs may join un-elected officials of the parliament and the un-elected commission (who proposes law) behind closed doors and pass law with out any public scrutiny at all.

Whilst the justification for this is make law making a more efficient process, one can’t help but feel like it is a Hitlertarian grab for power, where laws can be now passed without oversight.

The EU clearly is starting to feel the pressure of its unpopularity and one can only look on helplessly and they are now free to build their internal army and crack down on descent as they see fit and demand that the citizens of the EU not only pay for their enslavement to big corporations who will undoubtedly benefit enormously from this , but also the flamboyant lifestyles of the self serving bureaucrats who will not stop finding new ways to fill their own pockets.