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I personally, and I think it is the same for most, have no time for extreme far right groups.  However, they have always stood as a symbol of free speech.  That people are allowed to have views and opinions that are different giving us a choice of information through which we can discover our own truth.  Without this information variation we become brain washed and we are no longer free.    In terms of government and safety, keeping these groups in the open makes it easier to monitor rather than driving them underground.

Yesterday it was announced that the far right fascist group, National Action, was now classed as a terrorist group and effectively banned from the internet and social media.

The basis for this decision was that their website praised the killer of Jill Dando there by inciting hate etc.  along with their antisemitic and anti gay rhetoric and racist views, it seems it was just too much for the British government to bare.

I don’t agree with anything that the group may or may not have said on their website, however, they are entitled to their view.  What I do know is that they are not bombing or mass shooting or been linked to any actual organised crime as a group.

So here we have a group of fanatics with no real threat level to society as a whole.

Now lets look at Islam.  Islamic media commentators will tell you all about how YOU should be a liberal.  However, the religion itself is anti-gay, antisemitic, and pro-violence.  Many acts of terror have been committed in its name, and those acts have been publicly celebrated in the Muslim community.   And yet as a group it is allowed to operate freely with out censorship.  OK, so not all Muslims are going to go out and actually get violent, however, hatred towards Jews and the LGBT community is ingrained.  That will never change because the Koran can not be changed.  Period.  Finished.  There is no argument about that.

So next time you hear a Muslim on the TV spouting the virtues of liberalism, and negatively labelling white people who are not liberal enough – remember three things.

  1.  He is not liberal – he holds extremely conservative views and has no interest or inclination in changing them – but he does want you to be liberal so that he can continue to promote acceptance and practise for his conservative views to the point where he can implement Sharia Law as the official legal system.
  2. That small white groups who hold equally extreme conservative views are no longer allowed to speak.  They have been disenfranchised.
  3. In the muzzling of the far right, anyone can now be labelled as far right and with the kangaroo court set up in the Snoopers Charter, can be locked up ostensibly without fair trial (Yes I am talking about the UK).  Whilst a Muslim is allowed to do far worse and yet be treated with acceptance.

The time is coming where everyone is going to have to make a choice about what they stand for.

The following video is a short aimed at emphasising how the liberalism of the west is not compatible with the conservatism of the east.

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