The western media is well known for staging news and the more heart wrenching the better, but it may be they have taken it a step too far this time.

Yesterday the headlines were splashed around the internet and broad sheets telling us that civilians were being killed indiscriminately and for some extra salt and pepper the word genocide started to be thrown in.

What peeked my interest in this story was the contrast of images on my news feed – beleagerd and scared vs. street parties.

When I started reading the reports more closely it became clear very quickly that none of the reports of killing and genocide allegedly being perpetrated by the Syrian army were substantiated at all.  Not one credible news source was cited, nothing to substantiate the report.

RT news however, had lots of film footage and interviews of civilians in Aleppo who could do nothing but express their relief and joy that the fighting was over and that they were no longer being held at gun point by the rebels.  RT, understandably confused that their reports were so remarkably different, have started questioning said residents about these reports that people were being shot indiscriminately.  These questions were met with surprise from the residents.

I am sure that there are people who would argue that RT is not a reliable source (if so please see the following post The difference between free press and controlled press – #Surprise!), however, they do not at this point have a track record of staging news as they do in western media, of which Aleppo has not been exempt.

I shall let you decide – the following is a Canadian journalist who dispells the mainstream media myth; the fakenews story on RT this morning; video is those celebrations scenes they don’t want you to see as the reality of Aleppo