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Lately the only news we get from Sweden is about their paranoia about Russia or about neo-nazi groups causing problems in the streets.  Of course in a world where the only people who are criticised are white people (regardless of whether it is founded or not) and the Russians (arbitrarily), this can hardly be surprising.

So what is really happening? What are we not being told.

Sweden is notoriously liberal socialist and are perhaps the only successful socialist society in the world, which is a great testament of their culture of liberalism, conformity and generosity.

Sweden has a population of less than 10 million, so the impact of immigration is going to have a notable impact on their society and when those immigrants come from an extremely conservative culture and religion, Islam, the conflicts have become apparent quickly and violently.

Sadly however the Swedes, perhaps more than the rest of Europe, are tied up in a political correctness loop that forbids them generally to criticise and more specifically police statistics have been manipulated in the face of racism accusations and a law has now been passed where by the description of criminals can no longer be used in police reports of crimes or in statistics.

Whilst violent crime and rape statistics are now hard to pin down, it has not stopped curious journalists from taking the journey to Sweden to find out what is happening and it becomes clear that Sweden is not coping well at all with the clash of cultures as violence has increased dramatically and rape is becoming common place.  Further to that, they are now presented with the issue of having hundreds of thousands of social welfare claimants that are not expected to work for at least 10 years in an economy that has relied on a steady balance in order to maintain its welfare state.

The following videos:

  • A journalist gets into the thick of it to find out the issues at stake
  • an interview with a Swedish journalist which really high lights that culturally the Swedish people are just to nice to be able to deal with the harsh realities that their society is now facing

The moral of the story here is that the expectation that two completely different cultures, one ultra liberal (flexible) and the other ultra conservative (inflexible), will never be able to integrate.  The only solution that is being followed is one of self sacrifice of the white people in their home land who are giving up their freedoms, safety and right to speak openly, for violence and abuse from their guests.    This is happening across the whole of Europe and what baffles me is how a liberal society can allow rape and violence towards their women and children rather than speak up and protect them, how the word ‘racist’ has become a bigger threat to a white man than the loss of his freedom.

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