Social media sites have now implemented censorship specifically targeted at alternative media.  There was already a degree of censorship in place, but now content is being actively removed under the banner of ‘fake’ when in fact it isn’t fake at all, whilst at the same time allowing real #fakenews being pimped by the mainstream media to run amok over the networks

Here’s there thing – it is UFO content, or ‘the Aliens are coming’ or even the ‘flat earth is real’ content (yes there really are people want to convince you the earth is flat) – content that is really up for grabs on the fake news front.

No – it is specifically targeted at alternative media sites providing information and research that is done on public figures, politicians or those who actively influence government policy.  Information that you would want to know but are not going to hear through mainstream media.

Is the information fake?  sometimes it might be – reporting is not an exact science, but on the whole it is valid information and well researched by those presenting, and as with all writing, opinion expressed is influenced by bias.

It has become really clear this year that the media, corporations and the governments are working in collusion, if they are shutting down alternative information and views it is a clear sign that they consider that information to be threat to their hold on power and control over the masses.

God forbid we should start thinking for ourselves!

Oh dear! we have already – so the question is – is the gene already out of the bottle?

Either way, as a consumer of information – you will now be more challenged in finding the truth.

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