2016 was an intense year of goods and bads all depending on where you stand and look at it.  So many major events personally, locally and internationally and many people of note seemed to have chosen this year to move on into the next life.

As I look back, I consider how I will remember it.  For me it was the year where everything changed.  The year when people started to wake up to the yoke of globalism and started to vote against it.  The year that globalism started to show its true colours as anti democracy and anti free speech.  An ugly ogre that has content as long democracy worked for it, and now that it isn’t, it is hell bent on war and destruction.

And yet, as I consider these things from my perspective, I can’t help but think of the people who haven’t ‘seen’ it yet.  There is something terrifying about people who are so lost in the stupor that they have lost all reason and ability to critically think.   So lost that they don’t realise that even their accusations of bullying and hate speech, are the very things they are employing.  Do I think that they are brainwashed?  maybe some, but not all.  What we see a socially engineered consequence of people not having time to think in their daily lives.  So much so, they have ‘out sourced’ their thinking to mainstream media and government.   To question these sources becomes another problem to think about so they reject it.

For this reason we see that most of these people live in the cities, where as those who have more time outside the cities are seeing the real picture.  The social divide is wide and widening and social media is more than happy to help.  Whilst the idea that the internet brings those things that you’re interested in as a default, it also means that it locks you in a bubble of information, a false reality about the real world that when the occasional alternative piece breaks through the filter it is considered a threat to that world.

We can see this with the win of Brexit and Trump and the violent emotional reaction of people locked into their city bubble and corporate indoctrination at their perceived threat to these events.   Indeed, any information that now threatens their ideological bubble is met with irrational emotional responses.  A recent article in the real #fakenews outlet, The Guardian, was about a dutch woman being deported, this caused an irrational emotional response, irrational because not one person who got upset about the article considered that it is technically impossible for a dutch person to be singled out and deported simply because they are a foreigner.  Not one of them considered that in order for this to happen, that said dutch person must have done something very wrong and that it was for the dutch police to deal with to have even hit the immigration radar.  Why? because the UK is still in the EU and there are zero restrictions on the movement of EU citizens.

So here we stand on the first day of 2017 and can only wonder what it will bring.  With 3 major elections in Europe, democracy under threat, and the globalists making every move they can in a bid to grab power from the electorate – this will year looks to be more intense than the last.  How far are the globalists prepared to go?  How far will the electorate let them?    I look forward to writing a post on the first day of 2018!

Happy New Year!!!