I wonder if looking at the headlines is going to send me to the insane asylum for its complete lack common sense.

Today it was reported that German police were now being called racist for simply doing their job to keep the streets safe so that women are able to enjoy the New Year Eve festivities.

Well you can call me racist too if you like because I am now going to tell it like it is.  There are a group of people who are completely ignorant of the concept of human rights because their religion teaches them not to respect the rights of others, their beliefs of way of living.  This group of people, decided that they would try to enforce sharia law by sexually assaulting women in Cologne on the New Years Eve of 2015/6.  What they wanted was women to stay at home where they believe women belong.  They wanted a self imposed sharia law.

Instead, what happened is the police came out in force this last New Years Eve to protect those women who in Europe have a right to be out on the streets celebrating with friends and family.  In Europe this is normal behaviour to protect the rights and safeties of citizens.   However, because this group of people feel that their rights supersede the local population that is hosting them until they supposedly get a job, they are now crying racism.

So now racism means prioritising the rights of people to be safe and for women to be out of the house with out fear of sexual assault?  I think any person who calls policing to protect the rights of people racism, should be put on the first plane back to where they came from and if born in Europe then send them to a country more compatible with their beliefs.  They don’t like here they should leave.   Europeans do not need to be insulted by barbaric people who have no concept of basic freedoms.

It is time for ZERO tolerance of unlawful behaviour and hate speech from Muslims.  This also includes polygamy, or any other religious practises that don’t conform with the laws of the country.  If they want the right to practise their beliefs then are many other countries in the world they can go to.

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