In the last couple of days the hate war on white people has intensified.  Yesterday it was widely reported in mainstream media outlets in the UK that Lily Allen had only ever been sexually abused by white men.  The implication being that it is white men who are more predisposed to sexual assault with no evidence to back this up.

Original Article:

If the report had said the men were of any other colour, the news head line would be accusing Lily Allen of race hate and hate speech.  The lack of outrage over this article is astounding, what is even more astounding is that mainstream media even printed it.

If a black woman in Africa claims that she has only ever been sexually assaulted by black men no one would bat an eyelid, and what is more, it would have been held up as the dumbest argument to make in a conversation about a minority group that was actively racially selecting black young teenage girls and serially raping them.

Today, we have an even more concerning report that a 4 black  people kidnapped a special needs white boy, tied him up, tortured him, and screamed ‘fuck white people’ and live streamed the assault on face book.

Original Article:

Far from there being any outrage in the reports, few outlets in mainstream media US have even covered the story.  If it had been a person of any other colour being attacked by a group of white people we would would be having live updates on the situation, the status of the victim, the parents views, the community views, need i go on?   There would be riots in the streets and lynch mobs at the court house.

Worse still, in the following article is the attitude of the police, quote:

Johnson said police were investigating if the incident was a hate crime, but so far he said there was no indication it was motivated by politics or race.

“Some of this is just stupidity,” he said. “People just ranting about something they think might make a headline. We’ll keep investigating, and we’ll let the facts guide us on how this concludes.”

One can be left in no doubt that there is a hate war on white people in the western world, not only are they being undermined democratically, but they are being specifically targeted with a double standard on the definitions of hate crime and racism.

Whilst this isn’t just a media issue, with police statistics in Europe being deliberately falsified to hide the degree of crime from migrants, the lack of policing to protect white people especially white women and girls, and the restriction of free speech of white people who criticise the progressive agenda, it is a blindingly obvious progression which one can’t help but notice.

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