As dawn sets on the Obama administration, that has some dubious accolades like increasing the number of conflicts the US is involved in from 2 to 7, instigating identity politics and race war in his own country, and winning a noble peace prize (the irony)  – one starts to think about how history is going to remember him.

Well there was the opportunity to be seen in a positive light with his health care plan – if not hugely successful in itself, it has certainly rewritten the US state looks at health care which will be of huge benefit in the long run for everyone.  It was never going to be successful out of the starting gates.

However, I strongly suspect that he may have just sabotaged himself, and will now be remembered as the only US president in history to be less statesman and more dangerous petulant child who didn’t get his own way.

Since trump won the elections, Obama has allowed rioting and violence in the streets, he has supported hate crimes towards anyone who doesn’t agree with his progressive liberal agenda, he is trying desperately to provoke a war with Russia with sanctions; troop movements; hacking claims that are so obviously false one wants to cry every time it is mentioned now, and it is highly likely that is administration was behind the Russian ambassador assassination.  There have also been more freedom of speech restrictions with another propaganda bill so that mainstream media becomes state funded, and the targeting of alternative media accusing them of fake news and using social media leaders to shut them down.  He has also increased the sending of weapons to terrorists in Syria, in Aleppo, who were using them to kill and terrorise the local population, he is also trying to ship as many immigrants into the country as possible before border controls are enforced.  Today it was reported that in a talk with congress he advised that democrats do everything possible to obstruct reforms of his health plan.

The funny thing about all this is that this is probably more action we have seen from Obama in the last 2 months than in the last 8 years!   His attitude normally, and he says this in his last press conference about a month ago – is to do nothing in the face of any issues.    None the less, what is not funny is to see the leader of the USA behaving  like a petulant spoilt child having a tantrum.  If this is the level of politics the progressives have dropped to, then i think the US are extremely lucky that the end of this administration is nigh.

The question remains – with all this activity, one has to wonder if he has any intention of actually leaving, or is he trying to lay the foundations for an excuse to remain in office.  Liberals seem overly concerned about a conservative leader, however, they should really be looking at their own.  Obama is clearly a dangerous personality, and should he cease control for what ever reason, it is clear that he will never let it go again.