At some point you have to draw the line with the progressive liberals, and if this doesn’t do it, then god help our children!

Currently there is an effort to desensitise the population to the discussion regarding paedophiles.  Not only have there been the occasional documentaries on TV relating it to being like they are the same sort of mentality as being gay or transgender and therefore to be sympathised and indulged in someway but also, suggesting the idea that cultural repulsion is an over reaction.

The next steps are now at the front door, and with little horror or revulsion from the public and the media remaining totally silent.  People have been so cowed into submission that they are now self censoring their speech, and demanding that others to the same.

California leagalises child prostitution effective since 01/01/17

Should this move continue, we will soon live in a world where our children will sexualised from birth, and any parenting that seeks to protect a child from this will be accused of limiting their human rights, of hate speech against multi genders etc etc  well we have heard the rhetoric that is used to silence people into submission of the liberal agenda.

Personally, I am horrified, and the idea that I should be silent about the sick attitudes of the progressive liberals is utterly ridiculous so I will call them out and heckle at every opportunity.  Silence is not an option when the lives of children are at stake.

Fox Comedy featuring 6 yr old ‘Trans’ wearing bondage gag


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