Lets be frank here about the meaning of ‘post truth’ – it is the new words for ‘unabashed lying.    Whilst the definition will flower it up in words such as ’emotional appeal’ and ‘factual rebuttals ignored’ it effectively means the choosing of a political narrative that has no foundation in truth and pursuing that narrative relentlessly.

Never have we seen such a post truth as the Russian hacking story since the lead up to the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction.  However, what is mostly concerning about this is the purposes that it is serving.

Firstly and most importantly it is being used to delegitimise the democratic process.   Progressive liberals, who have had a free reign in politics now for over 30 years, are now starting to loose the democratic vote.  This swing in public opinion, they know, will not reverse most likely for another 30 years during which time the ground gained for their globalist agenda would have been entirely lost.   So what better way to circumvent that than to say that the voting process is not legitimate, and presenting themselves as the only solution to safety from the horrors of the big wide world that seeks to undermine the democratic process.

The flip flopping and pivoting on the issue of undermining of democracy is so insane that it is almost genius.  It has all the hall marks of a clever lawyer making his case to a jury, knowing that his client is guilty and why, and using that information to project it onto someone else.  Does this tactic work in the court room?  I don’t know.  Is it working in the public domain?  I hope not!

Secondly and equally importantly it is being used to galvanise people to the progressive liberal agenda, not because they agree with it necessarily but because in times of uncertainty, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.  There are a number of elections in Europe this year, and with the USA ‘lost’ they are looking to Europe to now lead with the progressive liberal ideology.  As we saw in Austria late last year, it was fear that finally drove the vote into the liberal lap, and we know this because it was the women’s vote that nudged it, and women are far more likely to consider safety than take a risk.  What is interesting about Austria is the massive rise in the opposition party popularity as they now pay the price for voting the liberal and watch as their own country goes up in flames with rioting migrants and their women being sexually assaulted on the streets.  Will we see this occurring again in the elections taking place this year?  I hope not.

Thirdly, it is likely that there are a number of crimes including paedophilia, money laundering and drug running, hiding in the laptops of many in the circle of power in Washington.  We have already seen the Podesta emails and the many highly suspicious (so much so that it is hard to ignore their true meaning)  communications that point not only to child abuse and trafficking but also satanic and ritual abuse, and even goes as far as to implicate the Obama administration.    With a new man of strong moral code in the White House, it seems likely that further investigation will take place and a scapegoat will need to be found to avoid prosecution.   ‘The Russians did it’ is likely to be a term that lingers for many years to come as the sordid world of liberal politics is revealed.

Ultimately, it is hard to believe anything that we are hearing these days that comes from the main stream media.  Do I think that Russians have hacking espionage programmes?  most likely they do, as to the USA (which we know for a fact after it was revealed that they were listening in to conversations of heads of states in Europe – their allies!)  European countries, China and which ever country that invests in having a spying agency.  However, do I think that Russia is deliberately influencing elections in the USA and EU?  I find this highly unlikely.

When we look at the source of the allegations, the CIA, we can understand how they can invent such a story as they have been actively involved in undermining democracy in third world countries, particularly Latin America, including assassinations, inciting revolutions, and rigging elections to ensure a result that favours the american economic agenda.   Even the Iranian revolution has the CIA finger prints on it.  So can it be hardly surprising that they would now set their sights on undermining democracy on their home turf and point the finger else where?    Not really.