Whilst the press and those involved would like to make the protests against Donald Trumps presidency a meaningful event, from the outside looking in it is nothing more than a shameful demonstration of the virtue signalling world of the progressive liberal culture.

The purpose of the march was to protest against the idea that Donald Trump is somehow a misogynist who would bring in a culture that will see the limitations on the rights of women.

This idea is based on a recording that was taken of a conversation that was deemed to be private.  The conversation was a classic example of ‘lads bragging’.   In a world that is dominated by pornography and the selling of sex to children through popular music, is seems somehow vacuous to be demonstrating about a man bragging, who also happened to be the man who hired the first female campaign manager for a US election and won, and a country where women have more freedoms than in any other country in the world.  In a country where a president used his position to sexually harass women, lied about it, and yet remained in office without a protester in sight.

But it is worse than this when we consider all the important issues in the globe concerning women.  For example, it would have been nice to see women coming together and protesting for women’s rights in sharia law, or perhaps closer to home, the removal of VAT on essential female products.  Or perhaps, protesting to raise money and awareness of female circumcision, or the celebration of women succeeding against the odds in countries where everyday it is the women who do all the hard work and get zero recognition for it, or even highlighting the issue that women in 3rd world countries are often abandoned by the men if one of the children is disabled in anyway and demanding greater parental responsibility of men.

There are so many reasons that masses of women on this planet could come together to make a statement that was meaningful.  And yet, here we are being bombarded by the media about virtue signalling like it is the most important demonstration that people have ever come together on.

However, the credibility is not just on the wasted message, but also to discover that one of the main organisers of the protests is in fact a mulsim woman who is actively promoting sharia law and would like to see it implemented in the US!  Yes my friends, we have a Muslim radical who has no interest in adapting to western ideas of freedom, rather she would like to bring islam to the west and impose archaic laws that would see women loose all their rights.  I’ll leave you to think about that.

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Organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas