At some point we all have to dive into that rabbit hole and start finding the information ourselves to understand this increasingly confusing world that we live in.  There is no doubt now that progressive liberalism and the ideology of Open Society are at it’s roots, an ideology that has been embraced by the political class across Europe and Northern America, an ideology that that forms the foundation of the European Union.

This ideology, however, is only the marketing tool to what lays beneath.  To my surprise, the rabbit hole is deeper, and it is likely that it may even go deeper still.

”It is not my goal here to create hysteria and negative feeling towards any race or religion, but to educate so that people know that it is not a single race or religion with an ulterior motive, it is a ruling elite”

Open Society and it’s political movement of progressive liberalism believes that there should be no majority race, culture or identity that influences political or social policies for society.  If there is no majority, then by default we are talking about totalitarianism and an elite class implementing policy without representing the people. Who they are representing is never clarified, but as we will see in a moment the ‘idea’ is far more insidious.

Ideally, this social engineering was meant to happen through popular vote (the idea of liberal democracy being the cornerstone of Open Society), that the masses could be sufficiently indoctrinated and manipulated into accepting social policies to this end that they would vote for it and eventually relinquish their power to their ‘betters’ or remain controlled through voting in the belief that they were making free choices.

The increasing use of the word ‘values’ in the liberal campaigning rhetoric is deliberately an attempt to set the state as the owner of values as opposed to religion thereby embedding themselves as those who know best.

Brexit and President Trump stand as a testament that the masses are not so easily fooled and the response from the liberals has been nothing short of vicious and deliberately divisive with a clear intent to undermine the legitimacy of democracy, and establish overt elite rule to ensure that their agenda is completed.


Open Society was first suggested in 1932 and developed by philosopher Karl Popper (Austrio-Hungarian upper middle class) during the 2nd world war, like communism and fascism, as an ideology there are many aspects that are aspirational with regards to the perfect human society, and as a marketing tool it has been extremely effective in seducing its adherents, a tool that George Soros has invested his entire life in.

However, it seems that Open Society has its roots in another idea that sits behind it as an insidious agenda to implement a social engineering plan that started with Europe and intends to take over the world.  It has no ideological name, however, its creator is the founding father of the European Union, and it is in his writings we can see the true objective behind the ideology of Open Society  – Richard von Coudenhove-Kalgeri, and Austrian politician, philosopher and minor aristocrat, founding president of the Paneuropean Union from 1922 – 1972)

He co-founded the Paneuropean Union with Archduke Otto von Habsburg in 1922 as the only way to guard against the eventual world hegemony of Russia. (deja vu?)

In short Kalgeri believed in social democracy over feudal aristocracy, however, wanted to create a conservative society that superseded democracy with a ”social aristocracy of spirit”.  As he saw it, race and culture would be integrated into a single brown race (similar to that of the ancient egyptians) that would then be ruled by a spiritual ‘elite’ until this single race (of lesser intelligence than the current averages) had evolved enough for self determination.  He decided that it was the Jewish race that would ultimately be the ‘spiritual elite’.  Whilst his focus was to homogenise Europe his goal was far bigger, he wasn’t short on big ideas that involved a planet of one race, one language, one economy, administered as 5  separate states.

It is worth noting that supporters included Free Manson elite of Europe, Chruchill, Truman, Rothschild, Wilson, Warburg, Dulles, Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle – the list is endless.  For more details regarding the PanEuropean Union including supporting links for your own research visit The real horror of Progressive Liberalism pt4: The PanEuropean Union


Below is a video where the modern implications of this are discussed – however, evidence in our daily lives is abundantly evident of which are a few leading examples – however, I urge you to pursue your own knowledge and understanding, create your own perspective, rather than to simply accept mine.

  • race hate towards white people in Europe – the scale of criticism towards white people justified on the basis of historical ‘wrong doing’ is unprecedented. Through the educational brainwashing we told that white people are cruel and greedy with out context to human nature where the same and sometimes worse has been seen in Africa, Middle East and Asia.  This is most evident as we now live in a world where any and all hate speech against white people is heralded as heroic and applauded.
  • gender hate towards while males – indoctrinated again through the education process, our children are taught that it is principally white men who are to blame for all the injustices in the world.  So much so, that Lily Allen recently thought nothing of pronouncing that it was white men who were largely responsible for sexual abuse.  This demonstration of white men serves to promote interracial marriages and breeding, which are now being heralded as heroic rebellion against social norms.  Whilst I personally have no problem with interracial marriage, I do have a problem with it being socially engineered to ostensibly wipe out the white race.
  • immigration and rape – the refugee statics for 2015 show that over 60% were young men, in the immigration statistics we can assume this figure to be higher.  As part of the social engineering, it is known that these men find it extremely hard to integrate with society and find women, as humans are not predisposed to interracial breeding.  These men become sexually frustrated and by virtue of a culture that sees women as chattel, do not perceive particular wrong doing in raping women regardless of the law of the country they are in.   This activity is further supported by the system through non recognition (Rotherham serial rape and abuse of young girls of many many years ignored by police and social services despite repeated attempts of parents to report), non reporting and statistical censorship as we are seeing now in Sweden, Germany and most likely all European countries. ‘ If you can’t get them to breed by choice then we force it upon them’ is the likely sentiment for this policy.
  • Sharia law and Islam – it is no accident that the primary religion/culture being imported to Europe is Islam.  one of the most conservative and single minded religions on planet, that by virtue of its teaching, can not be questioned.  What better way to control the masses.  We see today that Muslim social commentators have been given unprecedented power, with the organiser of the women’s march in Washington accustomed to the halls of power and a vocal recruiter for support for the implementation of Sharia Law in the USA and used the march to accustom white women to the head scarf promoting, ironically, the oppression of women.  Commentators seen on the TV speak hate towards any white person who disagrees with them with a clear confidence that they have full support of the establishment in doing so.   Their joy at verbal bullying with impunity is not even disguised, nor their hatred when they feel they have lost ground in the discussion.
  • The persistent divisiveness and fake news of the press since the popular vote has swung to the right, and the determination of the political and financial elite to delegitimatise the democratic process as people begin to choose self determination over homogenisation into a single race and culture.
  • Any criticism of the European Union has become unacceptable and is now considered to be Russian propaganda with a list kept of publications and journalists that regularly criticise.   EU directive to mainstream media that reporting of crimes committed by any other colour than white is not allowed to mention race, to the point where newspapers will now pixelate photos of people of colour including the first photos of the Berlin Market truck driver, until it was ridiculed as counter productive to finding the man.
  • Russian hacking

It is not my goal here to create hysteria and negative feeling towards any race or religion, but to educate so that people know that it is not a single race or religion with an ulterior motive, it is a ruling elite who will stop and nothing to socially engineer a world that suits them best, regardless of wants and desires of the individuals with whom they share this planet.   Their intention is not for multiple cultures to live under one roof happily, it is for those cultures to dissolve into a melting pot so that culture and race become purely defined by whether you are ‘spiritual’ ruling elite or not.

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