The main stream media are in a frenzy to the point of implosion!  they just can’t stop or help themselves from making absolute fools of themselves like a pack of hysterical deranged women.

Yes you heard me right – a pack of hysterical deranged women.  Because whether you like it or not, women will be women and men will be men.  They are facts of life that no LGBQTXYZ (blah blah blah) can escape from, no matter how much the English language is changed or operations and pills are taken.

The first ridiculous story I saw was about the inauguration cake – yes really the cake!  for some bizarre reason the cake at the inauguration ball is of high media importance.  The story being that is was similar to Obama’s cake – when in fact is was the same cake taken in two different lighting conditions.

We have also had a lengthy debate regarding the crowd size at the inauguration – WHO CARES?  that’s like having to listen to locker room talk after a football match where the players are arguing who has the biggest penis.

Of course whilst this is all happening they are applauding rioting in the streets (really – yes now bad behaviour is good) and the most vacuous demonstration of western society – the women’s march.  Ignoring the numerous hate crimes that both the rioters and the women were guilty of not to mention the hate speech from the various celebrities.   Yes my friends – anti social behaviour and hate speech is now the acceptable norm even though in history we have only ever seen this kind of behaviour from communists and fascists.

Whilst all this was happening of course, the real world continued to turn and what should have been the biggest story – 3 immigrants in Sweden gang raping a woman on Facebook live stream.  If this had been white men, it would have been a media frenzy blaming Trump and the new world that he represents (of course with no basis of evidence).

How can we possibly take anything seriously from the mainstream media ever again?  like the women at the march, the press hammers narratives that are completely superfluous and an embarrassment to western culture demonstrating self obsession on a mammoth scale and devoid of critical thinking, whilst real concerns are happening in the world that real people are living and need the help of our focus and awareness, as well as good values and morals of a legal system that was put in place for a reason.

It is time to make these self serving and, quite frankly, shallow and rather stupid liberals accountable.   They should all be put into forced therapy to learn how to self evaluate their own behaviour 🙂   Maybe there will be a use for all those FEMA camps set up by Bush and Obama after all!