Trump has been in office for less than a week and the mainstream media is clamouring for any possible way to discredit him as a dangerous, irresponsible fascist.  The problem is that, most of what they are saying are nothing more than conspiracy theories of yesteryear where the feared monster was clearly up to no good.

We could try to put it in the ‘post truth’ category, but to be perfectly honest some of the stories are so vacuous that one is left wondering what exactly they are even trying to achieve other than to fill up space in their now rather empty outlets because they don’t want to report positively on Donald Trump – and everything he is doing right now is actually positive.

One of the funny stories the other day was the press saying how they were going to watch every move and see that what, if any, of his election promises he will fulfil.  This story has now been dropped as Trump storms through his first week fulfilling almost everyone of them – in his 1st week!  Never in the history of politics has this been seen and it is really hard not to sound impressed when writing about it.

A wonderful example of this what a piece in the Indy100 speculating that Trump ignored a black church man at a service last Saturday, because of course in their conspiracy theory narrative Trump is a racist.  The irony was that when watching the video, it is clear that it was the black man who avoided Trump.

Did Donald Trump really refuse to shake hands with a black churchman during his inaugural prayer service?

Well the latest conspiracy theory from the Independant is that Trump continues to use an unsecured phone for accessing the internet and social media.  To be perfectly frank, I think that all security would have been taken care of, but either way – how could they possibly know this?  They are doing nothing but proving their own narrative about conspiracy theories as being completely redundant and the pass time of kooks.


Donald Trump is still using his unsecured Android phone, despite hacking risks

The mainstream media still have a lot to learn about how to select their conspiracy theory stories and how to present them, because right now, they are just highlighting how ridiculous they have become.