In a liberal world where character approval is being determined by virtuous statements and actions in the media and social media, we have arrived at point in liberalism, where it is starting to looking counter productive.

noun: virtue signalling; noun: virtue signaling

  1. the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.

    “it’s noticeable how often virtue signalling consists of saying you hate things”


The biggest fail was the Women’s March that was held the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump.  Why was this a huge fail?

  • it promotes the objectification of women on two levels.  The first was the ‘vagina costumes’, second the use of the word ‘pussy’ (prolifically, with the donning of the pussy hat) which is a pornographic term further objectifying women.
  • one of the organisers using the event to promote Sharia Law which is anti women’s rights in Washington, however, other groups around the world were also promoting Sharia Law.
  • hate speeches, most notably from celebrities, but many placards were hate speech towards men in a part of the world where women enjoy more freedoms than anywhere else in the world.  Further to that many of those celebrities promote objectification of women with highly sexualised performances promoting sex
  • more than 50 women’s groups in the march were funded by George Soros meaning many women were paid to be in the march
  • violence during the march included setting a Trump supporter’s hair on fire, a man hitting a Trump supporting woman and being protected by other members of the march – no one checked if she was ok. This is not ‘love’ behaviour this is hate behaviour.

However, today it just became even worse when in response to Trumps halting of accepting refugees into the US and the strict screening processes for those who do want to enter, Muslim groups in the US have announced that they are going to take a case to court saying that the ban is unconstitutional.

Ultimately what does this achieve?

  • increases awareness that Muslim groups have a vested interest in an open door policy that supersedes the security and safety of the population.
  • that Muslims are more loyal to Muslims than to the non Muslim country that they are living.
  • that they have no interest in participating in the process of eradicating extremism within their own ranks


It is clear that we are going to have to put up with many years of virtue signalling, mostly because the average liberal, who really does have good intent, is so brainwashed that they are being systematically used to promote agendas that defy their own moral values without their awareness.

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Muslim leaders to file lawsuit against Donald Trump’s refugee ban