Given that progressive liberals have owned the Western political stage for the last 70 years, one begins to understand that over that time, not only has an immense amount of research been done on mind control, but they have had more than enough time to implement a strategy of social engineering in a way that would not only be accepted by the population at each progressive step but when the final outcome is revealed to them that they (the plebs) will rejoice in it as a perfect solution to all their woes.

So what are the elements of mind control?

Simply put – there are 3 main principles to achieve mind control:

  • attacking identity  – this is done through invading emotional, psychological and physical boundaries and results in a belief of personal weakness and dependency on another or others stronger identity (the leadership)
  • Debilitation through increase in stresses through sleep deprivation, long working hours, poor diets/high sugar diets, secretly using drugs (or chemicals) in food and water sources.
  • Emotional manipulation through guilt and fear, but also through feel good emotions about what actions the victim is choosing to take, there by preventing critical thinking.  When we are experiencing strong emotions (anger,excitement, hope, disgust, fear), there is not a lot of reasoning going on.

Mind control is a subtle process and the individual is not aware that it is taking place, rather they believe that they are making their own decisions and choices.  There is no physical coercion as one might see in brainwashing, instead the force is psychological and social and often involves the use of a ‘friend’ or ‘teacher’ thereby making the new thought pattern acceptable.

Because there is no physical coercion and with the use of ‘trusted’ source of information, mind control is actually far more effective than brainwashing both in terms of ‘identity change’ as well as the strength of the change.

Other aspects of mind control include the following:

  • deceit and double agendas – people believe that they are getting one thing when reality they are getting something else
  • childish games to to cause age regression and dependency
  • loaded language – complex ideas reduced to sound bites to prevent critical thinking
  • repetition
  • verbal abuse, criticism and insults
  • no criticism of ideology allowed
  • Threats
  • all powerful leaders who decide everything
  • victims are usually ignorant of what happens next.


How does this information relate to the modern world?

The origin of progressive liberalism lays in the PanEuropean Union (PEU) that was set up in 1922 (see my previous post The real horror of progressive liberalism pt2 – #racial & #cultural #genocide) The precepts of this has lead us on a course of globalisation, where by the first hurdle to over come is the removal of the white race and culture through forced integration and assimilation with other races and cultures.  In order to achieve this there has been a progressive effort to ensure complicity of the white race in Europe, their homeland. This strategy laid out in the Manifesto of the PEU in 1922.

Through the education system and the media, the white race has been systematically demonised and marginalised to the point now where any crime committed by a white person towards any other colour is met with huge condemnation and an example of the evil that exists under the white skin, and yet crimes committed by people of colour towards white people are down played or not reported at all.  Media personalities will openly declare their hatred towards white people and be celebrated, and minority groups are funded specifically to shout ‘racist’ at every opportunity in front of a camera.  The purpose of identity politics is for white people to loose their white identity and become controllable until racial integration is complete.  The idea being that white people will choose their own destruction as if they had thought of the idea themselves.

The systematic destruction of moral values can be seen in the destruction of the family, the community and of religion/spirituality, and basing the entire sexual nature of the human species on the Kinsey Report (that has no scientific value yet managed to spark the sexual revolution and still held by the establishment as the definitive work on human sexuality) in order to justify and encourage the degradation of society through promiscuity and pornography (which is now being sold to children today through popular culture) and all of which has undoubtedly impacted the the degradation of birth rates among the white populations .  No where else on earth are you seeing this degree of dehumanisation.  It does not make the West enlightened, it puts them on a path to self destruction.

This is a post truth world, an openly acknowledged phenomenon where by information is devised and distributed purely for emotional impact and certain phrases are repeated over and over again across all media organisations (most recently ‘dark and divisive’ was repeated by all news outlets as a description of Trumps speech for example).  Since the turn of the century we have increasingly seen how mainstream media is being used to play the emotions of the populations like a melody to achieve particular outcomes and agendas – most notably was the WMDs justifying the war in Iraq – during the US elections we had the chanting – racist, fascist, bigoted, misogynist – it was rolling of everyone’s tongues like the chorus of a bad pop song.  Yet very few people actually understood the meaning of those words and worse, the evidence produced to back up the words was so thin, that most men on the planet could have been accused and verbally abused with those same words.

The evidence of liberal mind control is unlimited – you only have to turn on the TV or open an magazine to see the evidence of it.  I hope I have managed to make enough of an argument though, to encourage you to do more research on the subject.

I think what is more important to note is that this has seen the massive backlash that has brought Donald Trump to the white house.   I don’t think that anyone could argue that he has a very strong identity and only an identity that strong would be able to cut through the mind control, and for those beleaguered mind controlled liberals who have been on the loosing end of the progressive agenda, he is a very appealing option.

Mind control is extremely difficult to unravel and can take many years so without the proper attention so it can often happen that those who have been controlled by one entity, once free of it, will be liable to fall under the control of another entity to equal degree.   So when the Pope, for example, points out the risks at stake, he is telling an absolute truth regarding mind control.  What this means is that Donald Trump has an enormous amount of power in his hands, far more than the general population appreciate.  How he uses this power is hard to estimate at this point.  What is important is that the balance of power has now shifted, and there is now hope that this progressive move toward the ending of the white race is has been stopped.

I think what is most important however, for all sides to remember, is that the human mind in the west has become a weapon.  For good or evil is for the individual to decide.

If you want to break free of it all, the key is to master your emotions.  Don’t bury them, own them and master them. Choose what you want to feel – don’t let others decide.

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